How to participate

Everybody can join this project as long as your story is focused on the pandemic and its impact on our lives. There is no restriction in terms of content, but content glorifying violence or pornographic movies are not accepted. Also, there are no formal requirements for the films, ie length, color or black/white etc.

Due to Google/Alphabet’s copyright and privacy policies, we recommend to create a free account on VIMEO and use one of their free trial accounts to properly set up your film, as described below) or use your existing one.

How to join the project

  1. Remember that you alone are responsible for your film. If it contains third-party material such as music, photos etc., it’s entirely your responsibility to obtain the rights for those materials. We cannot assist or help you with this: CORONOGRAPHY is nothing but an opportunity to present your work to a wide international audience. Your film is YOUR responsibility and yours alone.
  2. Once you have finished your film, export it to 720P (minimum) or 1080P (recommended). Additionally, you might want to transcode the original video file and make it smaller without losing resolution. A great open-source and free software to do this with is Handbrake (Windows, Mac etc). They have very good instructions to help you.
  3. Create a free Vimeo Account if you don’t have one, and opt for a trial account. The number of eligible days does vary from 5 to 30: you need to choose the annual membership to get a 30 day trial — or choose month-to-month for a smaller 5 day trial for most plans. Remember: if you don’t plan to pay VIMEO for your account, it is recommended to cancel the trial right after you have uploaded your film. The account will be reverted to the free, basic plan. For detailed instructions how to obtain a trial account, please read VIMEO’s own instructions here or check out Tim Base’s helpful guide.

    Keep in mind that CORONOGRAPHY is in no way associated with or makes any profits from your subscription to VIMEO. We are explicitly recommending to opt for a free trial, not a paid account. You can set up your film(s) correctly and the settings should stick even after the free trial will expire. But you alone are responsible to cancel your VIMEO trial account by yourself. In other words: if you forget to cancel and they charge you, it’s up to you.

  4. Upload your exported film to VIMEO.
  5. To show in the map and thus become a part of the collective project, your film should be set up as follows in the VIMEO settings:

    > General

    Info: Give the film a unique title. Don’t add too much information here, just the title and that’s it.

    Description: Here you can put more information about the film, the story, the director etc.

    Thumbnail: VIMEO creates a thumbnail image that will also show on the CORONOGRAPHY map. If you want change the thumbnail or even created your own film poster, this is the place where to put it. AVOID putting text on the photo, because it will look bad on the map.

    Who can watch: set this to ANYONE.

    Where can this be embedded: set this to ANYWHERE.

    > Embed

    Controls: to ensure that the film can be watched but looks nice and is not cluttered with too much of the standard VIMEO information, disable the Playbar. The only active button you need here is “Fullscreen”.

    Your details: Click on “let users decide” and disable all the details (Profile Picture, Title, Byline). The map will show all this by itself.

    > Distribution

    After setting the language and other parameters, we recommend choosing a Creative Commons License for your film. VIMEO has a good guide for this here, including an explanation of the various licenses’ meaning here. If you want to know more about Creative Commons Licenses in general, check out the Creative Commons License main page. Again: choosing a license is not compulsory for you to participate in CORONOGRAPHY, but we highly recommend selecting the appropriate license for your film.

  6. The map is updated frequently, however, it might take a few days until you’ll find your film(s) on the map. Stay cool and be patient, because eventually it will happen and your “dot” will show up.
  7. Once your film(s) are on the map, you will not be able to change anything. But you can still replace the film itself, for example in case you edit a better version of it. Please do this directly in your VIMEO account; the link will stay the same after the replacement.
  8. Once again: Please be aware that you alone are responsible for the film(s) you upload on VIMEO and add to the map. Make sure that you are the owner of all possible rights of all content your film contains! Please be aware that you alone and not CORONOGRAPHY will be liable for damages (including costs and legal fees) if you misrepresent information listed on the CORONOGRAPHY site that is infringing on copyrights. The CORONOGRAPHY website and maintenance team distances itself from all legal claims of third parties.

Finally, fill out this form: